Rice Bar is an up and coming filipino restaurant in Downtown LA.

They have been serving rice bowls for about a year but began serving breakfast about a month ago. LA weekly featured them and caught our attention due to the growing popularity of Downtown LA’s foodie culture. Filipino culture is very much present in Los Angeles. Historic Filipinotown is 5 minutes away from downtown and it acts as an entrance if you’re heading  west into the city center. Back in the 90’s and well into the 2000’s, DTLA had a bad rep for being too dangerous. It was a completely different world where a restaurant like Egg Slut would not have thrived. Gentrification came along and many of the sketchy businesses were overrun by Starbucks or more hipster places like Philz Coffee. FIDM vibes took over the city which brings us to Rice Bar an affordable yet hip  Filipino restaurant. According to LA Weekly, “The vibe is casual, as if you waltzed into your uncle’s kitchen.” Judging by the pictures of the food you can already feel the food aesthetic being an important part of the experience. The restaurant seems to be serving traditional filipino dishes with a touch of color, presentation, and garnish. It’ll be exciting to try this place since Filipino Food has not been explored enough in LA or anywhere in California. Let’s see if this place has what it takes to show people that their is more to Filipino food than Burger Steak at Jollibee.