Coming off one of the most exciting weekend’s of sports all year, our sports guy E-Magic is here to give some insight into College Football, the first week of the NFL and smart moves for your upcoming fantasy week.

Magic, like most like Louisville’s Lamar Jackson for the Heisman favorite early after a week in which he accrued 4 rushing TDs and was only sacked once. Tennessee’s Josh Dobb is one to keep an eye on, as well combining for 5 TDs last week. Later in the broadcast, Magic also makes a few predictions for the upcoming CFB week.


As for the NFL, fantasy specifically, E-Magic tells what to do if you’re matching up with New Orleans and anyway and where that leaves OBJ, Drew Brees and Eli Manning. And for those wondering what to do with QBs Marcus Mariota, Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger? Don’t be sure on those starts!


Watch the high-octane broadcast below: