Los Angeles and Orange County have been known for their variety of food which has been the driving force behind the foodie culture in Southern California. The melting pot of California has allowed for such a diversity of cuisines to emerge and reach a spotlight. One of the most known cuisines in the area has to be Mexican food.  It’s most important contribution being street food. Whether you’re in LA or OC you can drive a couple of minutes to a food truck or a so called, “hole in the wall” to satisfy your craving of savory meat wrapped in a blanket of maize. It’s an experience that I think most people have gone through and everyone  needs to experience. With that being said, visionaries knew that this simple concept could be revolutionary. Not only because you  can stand up and eat your tacos without any tables or cutlery but because you can wrap any kind of different flavors with a tortilla.

Kbbq Taco and Matcha Horchata

That brings me to Pango Asian Taqueria a promising new restaurant in Fountain Valley. Promising because of the name ‘taqueria” that immediately reminds me of a street food experience. Looking through their menu I couldn’t help but notice their entrees, steak fried rice and lomo saltado. Lomo saltado drew my attention since it is a peruvian dish. It feels like a refreshing new dish to bring into the asian-latin american fusion mix. Often times I feel like Mexican cuisine is the only cuisine that these asian fusion visionaries use to explore this new taste. Often forgotten are Central and South American cuisines that have a variety of different ingredients and new flavors that can easily be capitalized with the fusion of asian flavors. Pango has a perfect opportunity to set themselves apart with the incorporation of these new dishes. I am definitely looking forward to having a taste of their food.